Cheap Bath Bombs

Cheap Bath Bombs


• 1 cup baking soft drink

• ½ cup citric acid

• ½ cup cornflour

• 1/3 cup Epsom salts

• ¼ cup powdered milk

• 2 tablespoons oil that is olive

• 2 teaspoon cocoa butter melted

• 1 teaspoon oil that is essential

• 3-7 teaspoons water/witch hazel mix in a spray container for even distributed

Make these exactly like your fundamental bath bombs by combining your components first then adding your ingredients that are wet. Do so quickly in order not to fizz prematurely.

You will enjoy your style that is new bath your made bath bomb!

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Colourants appear in two primary various types, most frequently used in a fluid form but is also found as being a dry powder that is well used for our purpose.

Formality over lets have a blast making bath bombs!


• 1 glass citric acid

• 2 cups soda that is baking

• 20-30 drops oils that are essential on strength of fragrance

• food colorant (dry pigment is best)

• little bit of water or witch hazel (used in your spray bottle

Firstly mix together your citric acid and baking soft drink to a fine powder. When you yourself have a sieve this is an excellent method of making certain they are completely blended. You could add you colour that is dry at the same time during this period too.

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